1 Hour - Surf Shred Lesson

This lesson is perfect for all ages and abilities. 1 Hour intro lessons through advanced lessons available.

About this experience

Those who select this option should find that they leave with a complete understanding of optimal position, paddling, and pop up. Instruction includes a demonstration on the beach, followed by student practice time on the water. After completing their first lesson, participants should be able to rent or purchase equipment and surf with confidence. Additional lessons are usually needed to learn advanced techniques such as wave selection, optimal entry points, turning, tricking and duck diving. Knowledge of surfer etiquette, board selection, reading surf reports and oceanography will also be discussed. The faster students learn, the more they can be taught during the lesson!

Included in every Lesson:
- 1 hour guided and supervised instruction
- Sunscreen if you need it
- A post snack Clif Bar!
- An experience you will never forget!

Included with $40 board rental fee:
- 9 foot soft topped professional grade surfboard and leash!

Not Included:
- Wetsuit/ Rashguard if you get cold
- Towel

Your Host

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We have a wide variety of awesome instructors! You will usually be matched with an instructor 24 hours prior to your lesson.